Welcome to Wet Whisker Cat Grooming! I am a cat specialist and the 1st holistic oriented mobile cat groomer in the Chicago area.

"If your cat isn't becoming to you, it should be coming to me!"

Yes, I most likely come to your area! Covering a diamond shape from Randall Rd. to Rt.50 (Cicero) and Lake Cook Rd. to I-55.
I'm frequently in & around Bloomingdale, Addison, Arlington Heights, Bartlett, the Barringtons, Clarendon Hills, Downers Grove, Elgin, Elmhurst, Geneva, Glen Ellyn, Hanover Park, Hinsdale, Lake Zurich, Naperville, Oak Brook, Palatine, Roselle, Schaumburg, St.Charles, Wayne, Westmont, Wheaton, and Woodale.

About Wet Whisker:
Wet Whisker is an in home (also called house call) mobile grooming service which comes to you.
Unlike a mobile, Wet Whisker actually grooms your cat inside the comfort of its own home; the absolute best for your cat.

This is beneficial as stress, which cats are especially prone to, is minimized. No removal from the home, no dogs barking, no weird smells, and no chance for escape outside.
Most cats start to stress as soon as they are removed from the home or even when they see the carrier. No reason to put your cat through that when Wet Whisker comes into your home!
Owners also benefit from peace of mind as they're welcome to watch kitty being groomed and to see that gentle, compassionate, & holistic methods are employed.

I do not sedate, nor do I recommend sedation. I also do not use restraints such as muzzles, nooses, harnesses, tethering racks, socks covering head, dunking bags, legs wrapped together with tape, helmets, cones, or spraying water at the cat in a carrier. I treat cats with respect, as kindred souls, and do not expect them to behave like dogs.

Treats are offered but only freeze dried meat or natural treats, unless your cat has dietary restrictions.

My philosophy at Wet Whisker is to provide the best grooming experience for your cat, in the best place for that, which is the cat's own home. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is for your cat(s) to have holistic oriented grooming inside their own territory; their home.
A mobile van does not fit into my philosophy as the cat must still leave their home.

                                     Phone 630-306-5889 for an appointment.

tazo kitten
About Sheryl: Sheryl is the founder & owner of Wet Whisker. I've been owned by cats all my life and love to be surrounded by cats. Lots of cats! Sheryl has purebred Norwegian Forest cats, several Maine Coon mix rescues, Ragdolls, a Bengal, & occasionally I foster Ragdoll rescues. My beautiful flame point Himalayan passed at 22 yrs.of age. I also have a Pom (Amish puppy mill rescue), a long-haired Chihuahua, cockatiels, & a 22 yr. old purebred daughter. :  )

Sheryl graduated from the Academy of Dog & Cat Grooming Arts in Arlington Heights, IL. Though also certified to groom dogs, her passion was with cats, and she followed with specialized training & study, including that through the Professional Cat Groomers Association of America (PCGAA) and the National Cat Groomers Institute of America (NCGIA).
The PCGAA is the premier international organizations for setting & maintaining compassionate cat grooming standards, certification, and education. I am a member  with both and am a firm believer in continuing education. I was a featured speaker at the 1st Cat Symposium and will again be lecturing at the 2nd Cat Symposium, to be held in San Francisco in Oct. 2013
I also teach holistic cat grooming seminars to students at the above Academy. I enjoy educating groomers-to-be on how they can safely groom cats with gentle compassion, less stress, and a holistic approach (thank you, Sharron Panther!).

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Pictured cat is Baby Red. Love him!



Have questions?
Email me at sheryl@wetwhisker.com or call 630-306-5889.

I look forward to hearing from you! (Remember it takes TWO hands & full attention to groom a cat, so please leave a message as I may not be able to answer right away!)


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